We deal with several home owners and contractors that want their own styles and input, so we take the time to give you the most for your money, or options that you may have over looked.

  1. Recessed lighting is a nice clean look if you are not sure of the d├ęcor you may choose.
  2. Or select from several catalogs that fit your design and thoughts.
  3. Create a studio look that would accent those unique pictures that you like.
  4. Options are what you enjoy and we make sure that those options are yours.
  5. Outdoor lighting, accent lighting, decorative lighting,
  6. Panel changes, upgrade panels new additions, or remodeling


We also offer an Stand-by Generators to Homeowners: Don't be caught in the dark we offer generator back up for your home that would come in valuable if there was a power outage or storm that left you without electricity!