Letter of Recommendation

Hayne Drumheller
Senior Director of Construction
AIMCO Redevelopment & Construction Services

Letter of Recommendation

J.P. Brehony
Commonwealth Housing Corporation

My company has been building high-end custom homes in the Northern Virginia area for the last two decades. Over the last several years, Ken Richardson and the team at KMR Electric Company have become an integral part of my company's success. KMR's approach to the job is unique, in that their approach to the job is as if they are wiring their own home. They exercise a great deal of common sense and oftentimes make recommendations for changes that vastly improve the architect's electrical plan. I have found that their meticulous work has even caught the eye of County Inspectors. Ken Richardson is also the type of small business owner that you are proud to introduce to your clients ... hard-working, honest, and possessing a great deal of "people skills" such that my clients have a high level of satisfaction with the work that is being done. I learned a long time ago that a builder is "only as good as his sub-contractors". My company would not be where it is today without the help of highly-skilled and ependable contractors like KMR Electric Company.

We do electrical work for the following Contractors:

  1. Bainbridge Management
  2. Amico Properties
  3. Commonwealth Housing
  4. Long Companies
  5. Mains Signature Homes
  6. Ellisdale Construction
  7. Old Dominion Builders
  8. Modern Builders LLC
  9. FINCOR Construction Inc.


  1. Rexel
  2. Dominion Electric
  3. Capital Tristate
  4. Lowes
  5. Home Depot